Call centre & Telephone System

Minicab Call Centre & Call Management Solution

Phone System

We will help you setup the phone system to be answered by us, We work with one of the best VOIP providers so we can transfer your existing telephone numbers to us and you control and pay for its outgoing monthly subscription.


When a phone rings we answer and take the bookings also our team will provide a good customer support such as Quotations, Amendments, Bookings and Cancellations etc.. They all trained with 5 major Dispatch Systems..


We have teams of experienced controllers who can deal with your booking completion 24/7, They all trained with 5 major Dispatch systems. They monitor flights and traffic for allocation, Our controllers will be very friendly with your drivers and your team.

Call Monitoring

All your calls are Monitored and Recorded on our cloud based backend where you can access that 24/7 so that you can monitor our team closely. Our phone system setup on Extension based so you just dial their extension to contact our team.

CCTV Access

You monitor our team 24/7 using our CCTV access which can work with your Mobile Phones, Our aim is to give you the full control to your dedicated team remotely so you know what your team is doing.


We have been doing this for 8 yrs and we are working with 4 Minicab offices in London for 70% cheaper price per hour for each dedicated staff. We will invoice you on a weekly basis so you know what you are spending and saving on us.

Clients who use our Call Centre